This is just so awesome!

In order for shelter dogs at Doc Williams ASPCA to put their best paw forward, 4 Paws and a Tail is providing free grooming in conjunction with the ASPCA and the American Humane Society drive known as “Adopt A Shelter Dog” Month during October.  Summers will also be working with Donna Moynihan, Admissions Director at Life Care Center of Charleston.  4 Paws and a Tail will be donating five dollars per pet she grooms in the month of October in her state-of-the-art grooming van.  Life Care Center of Charleston, a strong supporter of pet therapy with the elderly, will also match that in donations up to five hundred dollars while encouraging other companies to support this great cause as well.

 “A clean, groomed dog has a much higher chance of being adopted” said Cathy Childress, Operations Manager of the Doc Williams ASPCA.  Summers is donating time, money and effort in her mobile grooming vehicle to make the pups that are up for adoption look their very best.

 “The saddest statistic I’ve ever known is approximately 3-4 million pets per year are euthanized in shelters across the United States” said Summers, “I am compelled to do what I can, along with community support, to reduce that number.  Donating my time and skill is one way to make a difference that will benefit orphaned pets in Goose Creek and surrounding Charleston area.”

Check out Sam, one of Heather’s most recent shelter clients. His before and after is amazing!

Samsheltersamafter (2)


 The “Mobile Grooming for a Cause Campaign” has been launched and coordinated by Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions of Granger, Indiana. Like Summers, most of Wag’n Tails 1300 van owners are participating in “Mobile Grooming for a Cause” all across the country.  “With so many mobile groomers participating in this program, we hope to make a big difference in getting more pets adopted this year” said Summers.

 “My mobile grooming van allows me to devote 100% of my attention to the pet being groomed and it all takes place right in my client’s driveways.  They love the convenience of getting their pet groomed at home.” Summers said.  “Since 4 Paws and a Tail is on wheels, it’s just ideal to help out Doc Williams ASPCA since I can roll into the shelter and groom their pets right there in their parking lot.”   

 “Each week, 4 Paws and a Tail comes to Life Care Center of Charleston,” said Moynihan. “The expertise and spa treatment has our pets standing in line for this service – After all, what animal does not like to be pampered in such an exclusive way?”

 The 4 Paws and a Tail van is fully self contained with one tank for fresh water and one for the dirty water to be collected in.  It has a bath tub, dryer, grooming table and even a hydro massage bathing system.  Summers van even makes its own electricity.  “It’s a fully outfitted grooming shop on wheels” commented Summers.

 “I just want to ask anyone interested in adding a pet to their family to please come to Doc Williams ASPCA adoption Center and adopt one of their adorable dogs.  They deserve a warm, loving home” concluded Summers.


 Please consider adopting a pet during the month of October, and if you can’t, at least consider having your current dog groomed by 4 Dogs and a Tail and participating in this fantastic donation program. Heather Summers, owner of 4 Paws and a Tail, can be reached at (843) 810-3706,  at


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