Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Beau Kuniansky


Beau lives the good life on Sullivan’s Island. He is waited on hand and paw and gets whatever he wants (that includes scrambled eggs for lunch everyday). Though he is spoiled rotten, it is well deserved. Beau puts up with daily baths – that include getting blown dry – as well as hours of coat care. He loves it, though, knowing that it means he gets to travel the country. Beau is a Champion English Setter show dog (conformation). He spends his weekends traveling the country and doing what he loves the most – showing his beauty and personality in the ring. Each January, Beau gets to vacation to Florida for a two week long show circuit, where this year as the youngest finished Champion showing he took two Specialty Award of Merits (over the #1 ranked ES Bitch in the country and the #2 ranked ES in the country). His latest adventures took him to Atlanta, Georgia, where he took Best of Opposite Sex at the English Setter Association of Atlanta Specialty, and to Virginia where he took Best of Breed at the National Capital English Setter Club Supported entry (attached is his picture with his human – me – from that win). We then traveled on to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the English Setter Association of America National Specialty.

Not only does Beau get to travel the United States for his “career,” he also gets to travel the world! Beau traveled to Canada for a week long adventure where he made tons of new friends!

Beau is special not for all of his wins though, but for his amazing personality. He is a calm dog who just loves to be around people (most often he can be found trying to be a lap dog giving sloppy kisses). At shows, Beau typically seeks out people in wheelchairs, will sit down next to them, and just rest his head in their lap. He is compassionate towards all and truly embodies the English Setter breed – “gentle, affectionate, friendly; without shyness,fear, or viciousness.”

Submitted by Sarah-Ashley Kuniansky

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One response to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Beau Kuniansky

  1. Beau is a special dog!
    During Beau’s Florida Dog Show Vacation at the first of the year, The New Barker Magazine, out of Tampa, Fl. did an article about the Florida Classic Dog Show that had over 8000 dogs in entered in show conformation.
    The first page of the article is a full page photo of Beau!
    In Feb, 2008 local News Channel 5, did a segment on “What it takes to get to the Westminster Dog Show” (only Champion show dogs can compete)…..Beau was the dog in the segment! Beau’s sire (father) (in 2006) and his grand-dam(in 2000), both won Best of Breed at Westminster…..Beau will show at Westminster in Feb. 2010, hopefully he will follow in his family’s paw prints!
    Beau has used numerous times (including at Madison Sq Garden Westminster weekend last year) as the example of “the perfect English Setter, meeting all areas of the Breed Standard” at Judging Seminars given by Breeders/Judges to educate Provisional Judges on the breed.
    Beau is my “grand-dot”, he is co-owned by my daughter Sarah and me.
    I do all of his grooming and it is hard work!
    We also have 2 show Irish setters, 2 more show English setters and a Weimaraner.
    The grooming at our house takes several hours….everyday!

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