Lowcountry Golden Retriever Rescue Event Recap


My husband Jack, Hope ( Our Golden Retriever, adopted from LCGRR ) and I participated in The Grand Strand Humane Society Walk last weekend. We set up our beautiful exhibit and had many goldens and their families that had been adopted in the MB area come out to help. Broadway at the Beach was an awesome location for this kind of event. Live entertainment by 10 year old Gabbie Rae was especially nice.




 Everyone was so festive! I only saw 2 dogs that were not in costume. Hope wore hers but after seeing the competition she changed her mind about entering the costume contest.  Many entered the best Halloween costume contest. Even children were in costumes showing their pets. Free nail trimming was offered and they stayed very busy. Huge raffle with at least 25 baskets, GC, services and even a large dog house. Lots of excited people when their tickets were drawn. Very very well-organized. There were 4 other animal rescues / shelters represented. Sprint, Melissa Marks Pet Photography, Liberty Restaurant and Invisible Fences also had exhibits. Hopefully we will be invited back next year. We will certainly go! – Glenda Barnett





Learn more about Lowcountry Golden Retriever Rescue HERE, and make it out to their next booth at Paws in the Park this Saturday at North Charleston’s Park Circle. Event info HERE.



One response to “Lowcountry Golden Retriever Rescue Event Recap

  1. I really take exception to your words about boxers in agility. “This breed really isn’t built for speed or accuracy” I know many boxers that excel in agility and the breed is fast and atletic and were used as messangers in times of war. Please do your research before you write such info. Just because one dog of a breed may not do well in a trail does not mean that they represent the whole breed.

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