Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Georgia Davis


Everyone thinks their dog is the greatest, but my sweet Georgia is by far the best dog I’ve ever owned or had the pleasure of knowing. My parents bought her from a lady who raised her with an orphaned fawn. She and the little deer grew up together so on occasion you will catch her bouncing around like a deer. She loves giving sweet kisses and is the cutest cuddle bug you ever will meet. Recently, my parents purchased two miniature horses, Momma Mia and Pumpkin. She and the Minies became fast friends and as you can tell from the pictures are all about the same size. The Minies now think they can go inside my parent’s house since Georgia can. My favorite picture of her is with Momma Mia in the background grazing and Georgia laughing with her head tilted back. My parents went away for vacation for a month, so I offered to baby sit, Georgia, their Great Dane. Needless to say, they never got her back.

June309 New Fence 015

 Georgia is the first to greet me at the door when I get home from work. She is always so happy to see me and gives me a big toothy alligator grin. She loves her “babies” and will carry her toys around with her no matter where we go. Her favorite is a stuffed monkey. I’m often woken up in the morning by a stuffed monkey getting shoved into my face as if to say, “come on it’s time to play!” She is ever so gentle with children and has never met a stranger. There is a mentally challenged man who we see on our walks. She always stops to say hello to him and lets him hug her and tug on her ears. I think she knows that he is special and doesn’t mind if he pulls too hard on her ears.

June309 New Fence 024

When I am sick, she comes to comfort me. She always seems to know if I am sad. She will nudge my arm and slide right in for a hug. Thinking of her now just makes me smile. I don’t have many pictures of her since we haven’t had her for very long. I’m sure I can get cuter ones if you don’t like these. My friends now come over to see her, not me. It’s the funniest thing to have a dog that’s more popular than its owner.

Submitted by Sally Davis

Would you like your dog featured in an upcoming Meet a Lowcountry Dog spotlight? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up of what makes your dog so special. Email the info to using the subject line: Meet a Lowcountry Dog.


One response to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Georgia Davis

  1. She is ADORABLE! I had Great Danes for YEARS. They are wonderful dogs and I miss mine so much. An ironic thing is I now have mini horses too! All three of them are precious. Thank you for sharing her.

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