Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Nikkie Comen


My wife asked me to do a little essay about our family dog and I was initially stumped on whether to do it or not.  I could complain for at least 500 words about all the aggravating spots in the carpet and all the half-eaten cardboard, plastics, and other non-consumables, but I want to tell about the impact that she has made on our 20 month old son in his early years and how that has affected our family. 


Her new name is Sissy, and she puts up with all the ear pulling, tail grabbing, nose flicking, and leg pulling that Harrison dishes out.  She is first at his bedroom door in the morning (except when we try to sleep in).  She is last in his room at night at bed time, and she is the best teacher during his preschool age.   Not only did Nikkie help him figure out how to crawl to keep up with her, but he also knows how to bark, scratch, and throw tennis balls.  I swear if she was a male dog he would know how to lift up his leg.  Nikkie is a great protector, which is an odd thought because of her runt Cocker Spaniel stature.  She always has one eye on him regardless of where she is.  She is at his side during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This has a lot to do with him being her size and the availability of food at her level.  What Harrison is learning from this is how to share.  He has brought back some of her long forgotten energy to chase and run, and her arthritis is not as visible as it was in years past.  He will chase her from one end of the house to the other, and she will gladly respond.  The sweetest thing in the world is seeing his eyes brighten up, a huge smile appear on his face, and him gleefully saying her name when he first sees her.  She happily gives him a lick hello as a response. 


I know that she has not only made an impact on my life, but more importantly in his as well.   They both have a great time together as partners in crime and I am delighted that Harrison will have all these memories of Nikkie as his pet for the rest of his life.  We all remember our first dog when we were a child, and all the interactions we had with them.  Nikkie has not just been in our family for going on 10 years, she truly has become part of the family over those years.  She will always be Harrison’s Sissy.

submitted by Kyle Comen

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One response to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Nikkie Comen

  1. Made me all teary eyed as well!

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