Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Bowman Whitman

Picture 033

Bowman is a two-year old Brittany Spaniel. He is one of the most loving dogs you could ever imagine! But, he’s also one of the naughtiest dogs in the country – at least that’s what we learned after entering him in the Bark Busters National Naughty Dog Contest. We received the entry information from a friend (and owner of Dawg Tired & Cat Naps, Too) and thought why not enter Bowman – just for fun! Several weeks later we found out he was one of four entries (out of 50) to be selected as a “Naughty Dog” contest winner. Now Bowman will receive free training from the local Bark Busters Home Dog Training franchise plus lifetime support. Here’s our winning entry.


We got Bowman two years ago but had never had a Brittany. He’s proven to be quite mischievous. Some of Bowman’s “loveable” behavior: 1) stole my fiancé’s wallet off the table and buried it in the backyard, I later saw him with the wallet hanging out of his mouth – full of dirt and still wet from rain. 2) He stole the wallet again and we have yet to find it! 3) While cutting the grass, I heard a “thud” and looked down to find my flip flop which was under a tree in the very back corner of our yard – I didn’t put it there. 4) Upon arriving home, we found Bowman laying ON TOP of the coffee table (see pic). This has become a habit in the warm weather months. 5) I found Bowman standing on my bedside table, adjacent to the table where we keep the cat’s food – supposedly out of his reach, and he had eaten all of the wet and dry food I’d just put out. 6) At doggie day care, they have to crate him whenever they leave because they kept finding pillows from the couch in the play yard whenever returning from lunch.

Despite his sometimes bad behavior, Bowman really is a great dog!

submitted by Katie Whitman

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Would you like your dog featured in an upcoming Meet a Lowcountry Dog spotlight? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up of what makes your dog so special. Email the info to using the subject line: Meet a Lowcountry Dog.


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