Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Zeke and Zoey

My Boxers

Zeke is definitely the man of the house. He is 55 lbs of muscle and knows it. I found him in a Laurens, SC kennel. He was the last of his litter, skinny and was in a dirty metal cage. Who couldn’t resist those those puppy eyes? Without knowing it, his mother had a hereditary skin problem, which name seems to leave my memory. But from four months old to eight months old, he had to be dipped in a medicine bath once a month to kill the parasite. All this while I was a full time student athlete. But he was still the man on campus. Needless to say, it was well worth it! He is a great protector, but a big softy at heart. He loves playing catch, adjusting to the beach, lying on his back while holding a toy in his paws (we call it ‘self soothing time’) and wrestling with his girlfriend Zoey.

 Zoey came into the picture in late 2008 from a great breeder Pickens, SC. What a great Christmas present for Zeke and me. Girls are more difficult to potty train! She is such a mess. As a puppy, brand new toilet paper rolls were her favorite toy! She learned quickly though. Zoey is more timid than Zeke, but found her voice this summer at the beach! Apparently baseball players at the park interested her enough to bark at them. Her bark is louder than Zeke’s but we don’t tell him that of course. Zoey loves belly rubs and her nickname is Boogie. She craves attention and now after finding her voice will let you know if she feels neglected.  For some reason she will not catch a ball but we are working on it.

 They make a great couple and keep each other while alone. The beach is their time to shine. Long walks on the beach without doubt will keep these two boxers happy!

~ submitted by Sheldon Robinson

Would you like your dog featured in an upcoming Meet a Lowcountry Dog spotlight? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up of what makes your dog so special. Email the info to using the subject line: Meet a Lowcountry Dog.


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