Fat to Fit Canine Weight Loss Challenge

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 50 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight. Overweight animals face the same potentially

threatening health conditions as humans, including diabetes, heart disease, bladder infections, arthritis, pain andlethargy. In an effort to provide a long-term solution for pet owners dealing with these issues, Sun Dog Cat Moonveterinary clinic on John’s Island and Dolittle’s pet store are hosting a friendly pet weight-loss competition,“Fido…From Fat to Fit: A Canine Fitness Challenge,” starting in January 2010. The goal of “Fido…From Fatto Fit” is to address the issues of pet weight management and the challenges facing overweight pets and theirowners, and to ultimately assist the pets in attaining a healthier lifestyle to prevent future health problems.

 Utilizing expert advice, workshops and fitness activities, Dr. Ruth Roberts of Sun Dog Cat Moon and Ric Sommons of Dolittle’s will lead 12 chosen contestants through a 12 week competition. Activities will include swimming, walking, training sessions, pet massage and seminars on pet health and diet control with some of the community’s leading pet experts. Weigh-ins will be required every two weeks during the competition, and the winner will be determined by the percentage of weight lost during these bi-weekly weigh-ins and total loss at the conclusion of thecompetition. Natura, a maker of natural and organic pet food, will be sponsoring the competition and providing all contestants with 20% off all purchases during the 12 weeks.

 The deadline for “Fido…From Fat to Fit” applications is Saturday, January 9. Interviews for potential contestants will be conducted and the official competition will launch in early January. The winner will be announced at the Mt. Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park Pet Fest on Saturday, April 10, and will receive a package of prizes including services and goodies from all participating competition sponsors. A reduced dog will mean a reduced wallet for the winner as well—Dolittle’s and Natura will offer the winner a one year supply of all-natural, healthy dog food.


Dolittles and Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic thank you for your interest in our contest. We are happy you are concerned about your dog’s health enough to consider participating in this program. This will be a 12-week program for 12 dog participants to learn new habits that should improve quality of life and health for both dog and owner. If you and your pet are selected to be contestants, you are committing to a wellness program that entails what we hope will be fun activities along the way, and a nice prize for the winner and runner up.

 Your commitments as owner of a contestant in “Fido…From Fat to Fit”:

• Blood work prior to starting the program

• Complete physical examination

• Weigh-ins and measurements taken at the beginning of the program + every 2 weeks during

 You will be required to attend our initial meeting for the participants and pets Wednesday, January 20th at 6 p.m., which will also serve as the first baseline weight and measurements. We will have weigh-ins every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at 6pm at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic, located at 2908 Maybank Hwy on Johns Island. The first weigh-in will take place 1 week after the start of the program, and then every 2 weeks. You are required to attend the final weigh-in and the announcement of the contest winner at the Mt. Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park Pet Fest, Saturday, April 10th. Your dog needs to be social enough with other dogs and people to participate in our bi-weekly weigh-ins and activities.

We will develop a feeding program based on your pet’s current state of health, as well as weight loss goals. Natura has agreed to provide food at a significantly reduced cost to help facilitate participation in the program. We will be including information about cooking for your pet and using a varied diet to help promote health. Your job will be to stick to the recommendations to ensure your pet’s success. We will have biweekly activities to help point out ways to get exercise that are fun and easy on the joints.

Your pet’s name and photo may be used in materials used to promote the competition, including Facebook, web site inclusion, and potential media coverage.

 For more contest information or to discuss applying, please call Sun Dog Cat Moon at 843.437.0063 as soon as possible.


4 responses to “Fat to Fit Canine Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Lord knows I have a pet that could use this… Thanks!

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