Free Food Fridays for Canine Foster Families

Dolittle’s wishes to thank those individuals who go out of their way to find a little extra space in their home for a foster pet.  Through the help of pet food companies and thoughtful customers, Dolittle’s has come up with a way to express gratitude.  Beginning Jan 8th all three Dolittle’s locations will be offering a FREE bag of dog food to anyone who is fostering a dog or cat from a local rescue or shelter.  The program will continue on each Friday in January or as long as supplies are available.  “Foster families are unsung heroes of the pet world.” says owner Ric Sommons “They open their hearts and homes to needy pets, and care for these pets as their own.  Then if everything goes well, they see their fosters find wonderful families.  That’s very generous, and Dolittle’s wants to say thank you.”

Foster families must present a letter from their rescue group, shelter or vet showing that they have a dog or cat currently in their care.  Letters must be on letterhead from the rescue organization or veterinarian Each family will receive one bag of food at no cost, while the supplies last.  Dolittle’s offers only all natural foods for pets, the free bags are offered from specific manufacturers and choices are available for dogs or cats that have sensitivities.  For more information please contact the Charleston location: 843-852-5811

Dolittle’s has been selling food for more than 10 years, and has been able to work with several manufacturers to get this program rolling.  “This is a program we would like to offer again and again.  We are looking forward to the response from this initial offering.” says owner Ric Sommons “Our current customers have given generous support to the program.  We have a rewards card that customers can chose to take a store discount or offer it to rescue group.  Lately customers have been turning cards in to support the free food campaign.”

 Dolittle’s mission is to improve the relationship between you and your pet.  Dolittle’s is locally owned and operated with three locations to serve:

West Ashley – 22 F Windermere Blvd 852-5811

Mt Pleasant – 885 Houston Northcutt Blvd 971-8650

Summerville 114 East Richardson Ave 851-8173

Voted Best Local Pet Store since 2002.

For more information contact: Ric Sommons (843) 852-5811


2 responses to “Free Food Fridays for Canine Foster Families

  1. The generosity of others is always such a pleasant surprise! There are good people out there!

  2. Animal Lovers,

    I ask all the animal lovers around the area to join our animal rescue forums. Our message board are/is dedicated to discussing everything pet related, but our major emphasis is pet rescue.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog post, it was a good read 🙂

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