Models Chosen for the Yorktown Photo Shoot

LCD turns five this March. (unbelievable!!) I thought it would be fun to revisit the dogs on boats theme from our very first issue for our anniversary issue, stepping it up a notch (0r 10) and photographing dogs on the most famous boat in all of Charleston. THE YORKTOWN!!!  What a phenomenal shoot location. I am thrilled beyond belief.

As usual, to find my models I turned to Twitter and Facebook. I announced a model call for local dogs and more than 75 dog owners responded! What an amazing response in less than 48 hours.

I’m often asked how I choose my models, and it’s a tough question to answer. Other than making sure the dogs have basic obedience and are friendly with other dogs and people, I’m just looking for dogs who feel “right” for the shoot. I don’t have a particular thing I am looking for. I don’t search out particular breeds, though I do try to make sure that both purebred and mixed breed dogs are represented in each photo spread. ( Unless it’s something like the Middleton Hounds issue of Dec/Jan 2010, or the Mixed Breed issue of 2006.) At times, the dog’s expression wins me over. Other times, I can just picture the dog easily at the shoot location — can see that he or see will look beautiful in the surroundings. Owners will often write about their dog’s special skills, or the dog’s rescue history, or their work as a therapy dog. Sometimes I can see that these stories would dove-tail nicely with an accompanying article so the dog is chosen.  I also have to think about things from the photographer’s perspective — a tiny, tiny dog would be terribly difficult to photograph on on a location as large as the Yorktown. These things help me to narrow submissions down, and to ultimately make a very difficult decision. I see something wonderful in all the dogs’ photos submitted to me. I wish I could photograph and feature them all!!

So without further ado, here’s the 7 dogs ( See I went from 4 dogs to 7 b/c I couldn’t narrow it down any more!!) that were selected as models for the Yorktown shoot. You’ll notice that the dogs’ coats all fall into a similar color palette despite being very different breeds. That was an idea that jumped out at me after reviewing all the submissions. So many submissions were of dogs with this orange-brown coat color. It hit me that it would be neat to run with that theme, the coats all appearing as a “uniform” of sorts for our crew of sea dogs. 🙂

This is Mojo the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I fell in love with him when he entered a Halloween costume contest as Elvis. I was happy when his owner submitted him for consideration as a Yorktown model. He is also a therapy dog at the VA hospital so his “work” fits nicely with the accompanying story on military service dogs. His mom is also in the Air Force.

Meet Red. A Perez the beagle. His mom charmed me with stories about how friendly he is with other dogs and she sent lots of photos of him in different scenarios, even camping! This helped me to see he would be easy going in a new environment like the Yorktown.  Plus he’s just so darn cute.

This is Rina the mixed breed. OMG that expression! Rina’s soulful eyes are what got me. Can’t you just see she has stories to tell?

Take a look at these two pals, Millie and Cassius. Their dad was in the Navy, stationed on the USS Louisiana. These two will be photographed together. 

Jessie and Nala, both mixed breeds, looked so comfortable on their boat I just had to have them as part of the shoot. They are clearly sea dogs! 

So there you have it. A little sneak peek into how I chose the models for the Yorktown shoot. Thank you, thank you to all the people who submitted photos of their dogs. I know many of you will be disappointed, and I am sorry. However, I will use many of the photos submitted to me on the Happy Hounds page over the next couple of issues. So you just might see your dog in the pages of LCD after all!

Keep watching me on Facebook and Twitter as I will be sending out messages about future model calls, requests for dogs to feature here on the blog in the series Meet a Lowcountry Dog (click for more info), and general articles about local dogs doing neat things!



One response to “Models Chosen for the Yorktown Photo Shoot

  1. awesome! Jessie and Nala are greyhound foster sibs!

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