Adoptable Dogs To Join Your Family

Here are a few adorable dogs that are in need of new and loving homes. If you can’t adopt a dog, fostering or sponsoring one can be an amazing alternative and just as rewarding! Your donation will aid in their care while they are awaiting their permanent families and homes.

First we have Superman Dan! Dan is New Hope’s final dog from the July 2009 Missouri-based dog fighting raid and rescue. Dan came into their program January 16th and will be available for adoption no sooner than March 1, 2010. Because of how Dan was acquired, it is a special goal of the NHPBR that he, at the minimum, attain his CGC. Likely, Dan will also move forward to therapy dog work. If you’d like to know and to be a part of Dan’s advancement within New Hope, please email: For more great photos of Dan visit New Hope’s Facebook Page by clicking HERE. Or click HERE to go to their official website.

Lowcountry Lab Rescue has three adorable labs that need new homes. For more information or photos about these three, click HERE for LLR’s Facebook Page or HERE for their official website.

Toby is a goofy year old lab with a great and friendly personality. He is crate trained, house trained, and good with kids and other dogs. Leash training is ongoing and is he is doing well but gets excited when he sees other dogs. Toby was wonderful at dog parks with his previous foster family. He is about a 6 out of 10 energy level and loves to run. He is ready for adoption but he does have an old front right elbow fracture, although it doesn’t slow him down. He has been taken to an orthopedic specialist in Columbia and there is nothing to be done.

Woody gets along great with other dogs and is also very intrigued by cats! He knows his basic commands (sit, down and no) and  is quick to respond when there is a trick involved. He is house trained and when he needs to go, he will let you know. He is a big dog (85 lbs.) and has a lot of energy but is a big baby. He loves his ears scratched and will paw you or nudge his head up against you if you stop rubbing his ears. He is a bit of a guard dog and barks if anyone walks toward the back fence or pulls into the driveway. He has a good appetite and is very gentle when he takes treats from you. He would make someone an amazing companion. He loves to follow you around, room to room and sit at your feet. He is playful and active outside but calms down once he is inside. Woody is in wonderful shape and is an overall good, healthy, and friendly lab.

Last but not least from LLR is Honey. She is a very pretty 2-3 year old English Lab.  She is sweet, calm, devoted, and so eager to please that she rarely has to be taught something more than once. She crates easily, rides in the car very well without getting anxious or over-excited, and gets along extremely well with her golden retriever foster brother. She doesn’t try to dominate nor is she overly-submissive — she just wants to be a part of everything. She is up for anything fun and goes with the flow. She will make a lucky person or family an outstanding companion!

Brewster is a 6 1/2 month old German Shepherd mix featured by Animal Rescue & Relief for adoption. He is a typical puppy that had a rough start in life but is doing well now! He tends to be well-behaved and is a joy to have around. For more information about Brewster click HERE.

Daniel the Bull Terrier from Animal Rescue & Relief might just be the perfect dog for you! He is a very high energy dog and will need lots of love and attention as he is currently undergoing treatment for heartworm. For more information about Daniel click HERE or for other dogs that need adoption through Animal Rescue and Relief, go HERE.




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