Update from the Dominican Republic SPCA


ARCH and SODOPRECA Team in Haiti


The first veterinary and animal welfare group that has been able to get on the ground in Haiti is the Dominican SPCA (SODOPRECA) in conjunction with ARCH, the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti. The fastest way to help is to donate to them right now.  Animals are suffering and in need, and having a veterinary group to deal with dead, dying, wounded and starving animals helps people too. Wounded animals can become anxious and aggressive. Though animal carcasses do not typically spread infections, they often do release fecal matter than can make people sick. Starving herds can stampede. And farmers are in extreme need of aid for their livestock. So I encourage you to donate what you can to a human relief organization, then donate what you are able to an animal relief organization such as the SODOPRECA.

If you can read Spanish, you can read their frequent updates on their facebook page HERE.

Special thanks to Katherine Matthews of Lucia’s Premium Pet on Daniel Island for translating their latest facebook status updates for LCD.

Saludos a todos los sodoprecosos, Nuestro equipo se encuentra en tierra Haitiana, existen numerosos animales de granja, chivos, vacas,caballos etc. Hemos visto algunos caninos y tenemos informacion de que Hay mas. alrededor de 150,000, y definitivamente no hemos visto gato.

 Rough Translation: Hi to all SODOPRECA’s fans, our team now finds itself in Haiti. Here there are numerous farm animals in need of aid – goats, cows, horses etc. We have seen some dogs and we have gotten word that there are more – around 150,000. We have not seen one cat.

 En cuanto a los gatos, dudo que encontremos, un soldado nos hizo un comentario y parece ser que ellos los naturales de esta tierra, lo consumen. Muy pronto estaremos subiendo las imagenes. Contamos su apoyo moral y espiritual. Marcos Polanco, desde Haiti

Rough Translation: In the case of the cats, I doubt we will come across any. A soldier told us that it appears the locals eat the cats. We will upload images of our work soon. We are counting on your moral and spiritual support. – Marcos Polanco, from Haiti.


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