Merrick Pet Care Recall

Merrick Pet Care Withdrawals 72 Cases of 10 oz. Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats

Item # 60016 / Lot Code “9323 best buy 111911”

Merrick Pet Care initiated a voluntary withdrawal of 72 cases of 10 oz. Beef Filet Squares from the market on January 11th, 2010 in cooperation with the FDA.

Upon notification from the FDA that this product may be contaminated with Salmonella, Merrick identified the 82 retail pet stores that may have received this product. As of Wednesday, January 13th, all Beef Filet Squares from this lot have been removed from the shelves.

Merrick has identified that 20 cases have not yet been recovered from retail and could be in consumers’ hands. Merrick advises all consumers to review the lot code stamped on the top of the bag and to dispose of any Beef Filet Squares from lot “9323 best buy 111911.”

Merrick is the leading producer of natural pet treats in North America producing treats since 1983. A family owned business, Merrick is committed to producing natural, wholesome treats for dogs.


2 responses to “Merrick Pet Care Recall

  1. It was only in the Texas area

    • Haven’t heard that. Hope to get official word though that SC is in the clear. Granted, there are some readers of this blog who are from Texas, or who know someone who is, so either way it’s good word is getting out.

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