Help Tilly Get Better!

Here are a few pictures of a small female dog (now named Tilly) who was brought to Katharine Matthews of  Lucia’s Premium Pet late Saturday night.  The poor girl is in pretty bad shape.  She has more scabs than fur and still has active infections.

Tilly is an absolute doll.  She is so sweet and obviously thankful for the care she is getting.  She sleeps most of the time (as she certainly does not feel well) and is quite timid.

She will be headed to the vet in the morning to have some tests done.  Tilly will need lots of care before she is even ready to be spayed and brought up to date on all of the other regular things.

As with all of the dogs that Katharine somehow or another ends up with, she is looking for donations to help Tilly.  As you can understand, Katharine does not have the funds to care for all of these animals but is committed to doing everything she can for them.  Lucia’s Premium Pet has a jar set up at the shop for Tilly and are hoping to raise enough money to get this girl all the care she needs.  She will be a fabulous, loving member of someone’s family one day but we have a long road ahead of us.

Please consider making a donation of any amount to help Tilly.  Donations can be dropped off at Lucia’s Premium Pet, Daniel Island or mailed to 162 Seven Farms Dr. Suite 115, Charleston, SC 29492. You can also make a tax deductible donation toward Tilly’s care if you make your donation payable to Animal Rescue and Relief.

Or you can donate to Tilly online securely through Chip In. Funds are directly deposited into the Animal Rescue and Relief Fund set up for Tilly. Just click the ChipIn graphic below.

Katharine will be looking for a foster or adoptive home for Tilly as soon as she is stable enough to go.

Lucia’s Premium Pet
Daniel Island, SC


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