Fat To Fit Weight Loss Challenge Update

The Fido…Fat to Fit Canine Fitness Challenge results are in! These dogs are making great strides with their weight loss goals in the New Year! To see our original post on the challenge click HERE or go to “Fido…Fat to Fit” Facebook page for more updates.

Elijah weighed in at 58.8lbs. Goal: 45lbs. As of 1/25: 57.8 lbs.

Daisy weighed in at 16.4 lbs. Goal: 10 lbs. As of 1/25: 16 lbs.

Bamm Bamm weighed in at 36.6 lbs. Goal: 23 lbs. As of 1/29: 36.2 lbs.

Lucci weighed in at 56.5 lbs. Goal: 45 lbs. As of 1/25: 54.6 lbs.

Mallory weighed in at 39.2 lbs. Goal: 19 lbs. As of 1/25: 39 lbs.

Stanley weighed in at 123 lbs. Goal: 85 lbs. As of 1/25: 115.6 lbs.

To monitor the dog’s progress and for more updates throughout this weight loss challege go HERE.


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