Life’s a Beach

photo via flickr user Marjolein

If you plan on heading to the Isle of Palms beaches with your dog this spring or summer, Heads Up!,  new beach access rules for dogs start March 1st. Dog owners are now required to purchase yearly licenses, which come in the form of city-issued collars. The dog must wear the the collar while on the beach.  To apply for the license bring proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination and the cash, ($25:non-resident, $10:resident) to the Public Safety Building at 30 J.C. Long Blvd.

Remember, the beach is ON-LEASH except for special hours. See below. And don’t forget to pick up your dog’s waste, or we run the risk of beaches being closed to dogs permanently!

September 15 – March 31st OFF-LEASH HOURS are: 4pm-10am

April 1st – September 14th OFF-LEASH HOURS are: 5pm-8am


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