Meet a Lowcountry Dog Questionnaire

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We have come up with a new questionnaire that will make it easier for those of you who would still like to see your dog featured on the blog! Just answer these questions and send 3 photos to to be featured in the Meet a Lowcountry dog spotlight on Tuesdays.

Here are the questions:

What is your dog’s name?

Is your dog a male or female?

How old is s/he?

Breed? Mix?

In a sentence or two, tell us your most memorable moment with your dog.

What are your dog’s favorite activities (running, swimming, playing with other dogs/cats). Tell us about them in a few sentences.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

How has your dog changed your life?


9 responses to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog Questionnaire

  1. 2 labs – Harley (chocolate) and Doc (yellow). Both are males – 2 different families but we got them 2 weeks apart so they are brothers at heart!
    Both will be 6 years old this year. I just love coming in after work and having both greet me and act like they haven’t seen me in so long. The happy butts shaking and ears flat just make me happy. We seem to be the house in the neighborhood where all the dogs congregate…throughout the day, they all come over to say hello and possibly get a treat or chip from us 🙂 Each of my dog’s has such a distinct personality – my chocolate – is a gentle soul and the lover; my yellow – has his own psychoses but still thinks he is a lap dog at 95 lbs. Finally, my life feels complete with these two in my life (oh, my fiance fits in there as well LOL). They both have enriched our lives without question!

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  6. My Dogs name is Maze. He is a Black German Shepherd. He came from Francis Willis Animal Shelter. Not sure how old he is . we think around 6 or 7. We have had him almost 3 years. He was on the Euthanization list along with his son. They called my mom and told her about him. So she pulled them out. Got them altered and adopted the son and kept him. He is the best dog ever. I have asperger’s syndrome and used to have lots of panic attacks. But Maze knows when i need help and comes to my aid. He is my personal therapy dog. He also has never met a enemy and pretty much trains all the other fosters that come in. I think everybody should meet him and my mom. He loves to shake and ride in the car to go to fund raisers and dog shows. when i was in middle school he would wait at end of driveway for me to start walking home. He is the best dog ever

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