Snow Dogs

Lots of Lowcountry Dogs took full advantage of the recent snowfall, romping and playing in the white cold stuff we so rarely see. Here’s some photos of LCD readers’ dogs having a great time playing in the snow. Each dog is as unique as a snowflake, but they all seem to be having a blast. Enjoy!




Riesling and Izzy Bee


Wyatt Earp and the Johnson Bassett Boys





Amanda Ruth McSwain's husband Cody and their two girls Emma and Gladys. Gladys is a Lowcountry Lab Rescue Alumni.














Mya and Riesling




Here’s another cute photo we received this morning from Terri Bailey. Terri and her husband had quite a time trying to wrangle THREE Great Danes for a walk in the winter wonderland. That’s a whole lotta dog!


Sawyer (Fawn Dane), Hurley ( Harlequin Dane) and Addie ( The Blue Dane)


3 responses to “Snow Dogs

  1. I am a cat person by “busy schedule” and nature. I love all animals, especially dogs but don’t have time to walk them. So when I describe some of the pictures in “cat terms” please don’t tell the dogs but take them as the compliments they are meant to be.

    Instantly fell in love with Ozzy and Billy. OMG those faces! Coombsy looks like my siamese cat, Fe-Licks.

    Those dogs are having a great time in the snow. Their joy brought a smile to my early morning face. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanaovs

  2. Those are great shots of our dogs, Leah. I wish it would just snow more often in Charleston so we could capture more of these memorable moments.. not often does it snow down in the low country.

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