Isle of Palms Shelves Dog Beach Access Licenses

photo via flickr user Marjolein

Remember this post about the new IOP dog beach access licenses going into effect March 1st? 

Well, after hearing from many residents and non-residents the city has shelved the idea. According to Norma Jean Page, recreation director:

The Dog Licenses issue has been confusing to a lot of folks, residents and non-residents.  Last night at the Ways and Means meeting several Island residents voiced their concerns about the new regulations and fees.  The Ways and Means Committee which consists of the members of City Council, discussed the licenses and decided not to follow through with the original motion for the $10 residents and $25 non-residents but decided, at this time to increase the Isle of Palms Residents Dog Licenses fees from $2.00 to $5.00 beginning March 1st.  City Council has asked the Public Safety Committee to discuss the non-resident dog licenses and come back to City Council with a recommendation.

 So as it stands only IOP Residents are required to purchase dog licenses and they can be purchased at the New Public Safety Building on JC Long Boulevard for $2.00 and at “Doggie Day at the Rec” on Saturday, February 27th.  Effective March 1st IOP Residents will have to pay $5.00 for Dog Licenses.

So you can still take Fido to the IOP beaches free of charge for now. Just make sure they have on their regular tagged collars with proof of vaccinations. If you live on IOP you must purchase a general city license as always. You can get one for only $2 until March 1st, and then they go up to $5.

Consider attending the IOP Doggie Day at the Rec for a great time benefitting local rescues and shelters. Event info can be found HERE


One response to “Isle of Palms Shelves Dog Beach Access Licenses

  1. GREAT! Yay! Thanks LCD for the info!!!

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