Oh Goodie! More Discounts and Deals

I goofed and forgot to place Bark Avenue’s updated ad in the current issue of LCD which would have contained a super good deal: Daycamp rates are now as low as $10 a day! PLUS you can take out half or full days. Check them out if your dog is so bored he’s eating your couch while you are at work.

Dawg Tired SC has a new deal: Buy 3 walks at $17, get one free through March 15.  Another great way to get your dog the exercise and stimulation they need to be happy and healthy (and all without breaking the bank).

And here’s the MOTHER of all deals on pet food. Lucia’s Premium Pet is overstocked on 30lb bags of Grain-Free Canidae (both ALS and Salmon). Their mistake is your gain! Get $10 off ( $10 off people!) per bag while supplies last! So if your dog already eats this brand, head on over and take advantage of a $10 savings. If you are thinking about changing your pet’s diet. Consider Canidae. It’s a wonderful high quality brand with lots of different protein types for those of you with allergic dogs. And don’t forget Lucia’s is also offering a free usage of their DIY bath station if you bring your own towel. *excluding Saturdays

Update: Lucia’s just keeps piling on the promotions! Buy any Natural Balance food (5lb, 15lb, 28lb/30lb, or 12 cans) and get a FREE bag of Tillman’s Training Tips. ( A Lucia’s personal favorite) These are soft, moist treats full of delicious, wholesome ingredients that dogs love!


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