Pockets “The Post and Courier Delivery Dog”

photos courtesy of Roberta Browning

Pockets, the Bernese Mountain Dog, had quite a snowy morning delivering newspapers this past weekend. He has been delivering Post and Courier newspapers for the past 3 years to his customers’ doorsteps each morning in the Ibis Glade subdivision part of Tanner Plantation in Hanahan.

Even in the snow Pockets delivers newspapers to his 20 customers.  He had quite a day.  This was his first time ever experiencing snow.  He and his owner Roberta Browning enjoyed themselves very much in the unexpected weather.


4 responses to “Pockets “The Post and Courier Delivery Dog”

  1. awe, how adorable, he looks like he loves it!!!!!

  2. Oh, I love this!

  3. We had to put down our beloved Kai, Bernese of

  4. 12 years at Halloween. Thanks for sharing this.

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