Good Dogs Gone Bad

Welcome to our new blog feature: Good Dogs Gone Bad. We’ve all been there right? Walked in to find utter destruction and our dogs slinking away? In these posts you can commiserate, learn, and laugh.

First up there’s Craig the lab, who took out some serious frustration on a phone book. Craig lives in North Charleston with his owners Erica and Jason Bennett. 

Life is Labs owner Kristie Wilder sent us a few photos of the mischief her dogs have gotten into over the past. She lives in Temple, GA but is a big fan of LCD!

No comment needed. We all know what happened here.

Puppy destruction 1 & 2. Keyboard demolition. Wonder if they pooped words?

Do you have photo or video evidence of your good dog gone bad? If so,  email photos or video link to We’ll feature Good Dogs Gone Bad on Fridays.


4 responses to “Good Dogs Gone Bad

  1. LOL… I’m imagining the puppy’s satisfaction in popping off the keyboard letters one by one. Kristie’s picture looks like the “after” clips on Hoarders! Boy that Craig sure is a looker. 😉

  2. I love this topic! Our dog will surely give us a reason to submit a picture…

  3. I thought I laughed hard when we came home to the torn up phone book…but that second picture had me in stitches…
    I wasn’t worried about Craig having any anxiety when I imagined all the fun he must have had when he “found” the phonebook! I should consider myself lucky to have a resourceful animal that is capable of entertaining himself! 🙂

  4. My brother had a Sheltie collie who was the best dog anyone could want. After my brother and his wife got a lab, “Perdy” from the pound she would tear the garbage apart when she was left alone. My brother set up a video camera to record what the puppy was doing while they were not home and was shocked to find out it was “Brittney” his wonderful sheltie doing the garbage mess. I think Brittney was trying to get the puppy in trouble. LOL

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