New Discounts and Deals

Sweet! 20% off Winter Coats at Hairy Winston!

 photo via flickr user Doug Sparks

Here’s a few more discounts and deals I’ve heard of recently.

10% OFF first groom for becoming one of Four Season Mobile Pet Spa’s first 25 Facebook fans. As of this posting, there are only 13 fan spots open for the discount, so don’t delay! Fan them up!  Four Seasons mobile grooming comes to you in their state of the art grooming van. Click HERE to become a fan.

DOGSTAR Dog Running and Pet Care is offering 15% off your first week of service to all LCD fans. If you have a dog with a lot of energy a vet-approved, frequent run will help them become more mentally and physically stimulated. Got a breed that doesn’t do well running? Like a pug or bulldog? Never fear, DOGSTAR walks dogs and pet sits too! 

Dolittle’s has $2.00 off all Cloud Star treats and shampoo until 02/28/2010. Yum.

And Hairy Winston Pet Boutique and Grocery is having their Winter Wear Sale. Save 20% on all regular priced Coats, Sweaters & Fleece’s

There are several discounts announced last week that are still running. Check them out HERE and HERE.



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