Tilly Update

Remember Tilly, the sweet neglected/abused dog abandoned at the fairgrounds? If not, click HERE. Lucia’s Premium Pet has been fostering Tilly until she is ready for adoption through Animal Rescue and Relief. Many of you were kind enough to donate toward Tilly’s care and reabilitation. More than $270 was raised! Thank you!

Tilly’s doing great! Her skin infections are starting to heal, she’s doing well on her heartworm treatments and her personality is really starting to shine. See the updated photos below as well as a heartwarming video of Tilly playing with some of the other dogs that make Lucia’s their home.

And if you can, please consider donating toward Tilly’s ongoing care. $270 has been raised, but $500 is needed for her treatments. Just click on the ChipIn logo below to be taken to Tilly’s page, where you can make a secure tax deductible donation to the Animal Rescue & Relief Tilly Fund.


One response to “Tilly Update

  1. she looks wonderful. thank you for caring so much!!!

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