March Contest: Lucky Dog Collar Giveaway

Happy to launch LCD Contests with a great product just in time for St. Patty’s Day. The dog was considered a harbinger of good luck in ancient Celtic villages, and as such, the symbol of the dog is commonly found in Celtic décor, clothing, etc. So in honor of Saint Patrick and those dog-loving Irish, enter our contest for your chance to win this “no stink” clover collar from DublinDog, compliments of Dolittle’s Pet Stores.

Dublin Dog collars are created from a special blend of polymers that are nonporous and 100% waterproof. (The nonporous thing is important, because that’s what prevents the collars from harboring odor-causing bacteria.) Variety of sizes available. Retail value of  $29.

Contest Dates: March 1st – March 11th


#1 Leave a comment below on this post, sharing why you are lucky to have your dog in your life. Make sure to use a valid email address when leaving a comment. It won’t be posted, but will be how we contact you if you’re the winner.

#2 For an extra entry, become a fan of LCD on Facebook HERE.   And leave a comment on the LCD wall that you became a fan for the Lucky Dog Collar Giveaway.

#3 For another extra entry, become a fan of Dolittle’s on Facebook HERE.  And leave a comment on the Dolittle’s wall that you became a fan for the Lucky Dog Collar Giveaway.

#4 Go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone. ( Ha Ha. Just kidding)

#5 Check back here on March 12th for the announcement of the winner.  We will tally up all the comments here on the blog and on Facebook, and the winning number will be chosen using’s random number generator.

#6 If you are the winner, head to your nearest Dolittle’s and pick up your collar! Locations in Mount Pleasant, Summerville and James Island. (Sorry to all my non-Charleston area readers, but the collar can’t be mailed.)



37 responses to “March Contest: Lucky Dog Collar Giveaway

  1. I’m so hoping to win the Lucky Dog Collar! Truly one of the best inventions when it comes to a collar–durable and waterproof. It would look so sweet on my Pug!

  2. Why am I lucky to have a dog in my life? Coombsy makes every day a day where my best buddy is with me. I can have an awful day and she makes it great. I can have a great day and she makes it spectacular. What better reason to feel lucky?

  3. Annie Burdecki

    My weimaraner’s name is Slainte Capri (Slainte is a drinking toast in Ireland). . . and her “got-ya day” (#3) is on St. Patrick’s day! She’s a lucky girl all the way around!

  4. I am lucky enough to have 3 wonderful dogs in my life. One is a GSD, second a golden/aussie mix, and third is a long haired Chi. All three greet me at the door, snuggle in my bed, love to sit with me any time, and most of all are shelter adoptions/rescues. I would be lost without these members of our family!

  5. I’m the lucky pet-mom to two dogs and four cats. I love all of them with all my heart. They never cease to make me smile and remind me what is truly important – food, shelter and lots of love!

  6. Every dog that has ever been in my life has taught me something new. Louie, may he RIP, was and still is my inspiration to change my life and follow my passion to become a Professional Dog Trainer and to be able to help as many dogs as I can. My Cajun and Sammy who are currently in my life, work with me, walk with me, hang out with me, play with me and I in turn do the same for them. My dogs teach me patience, love, and compasion – they are my life!

  7. I am the luckiest dog mom on earth. Not only do my three dogs give me unconditional love and support, they are crazy and make me laugh every day. I am so thankful to have rescued them from shelters or unknown futures. Each has their own personality just like human children and expects to be treated differently. They know when I’m sad and will crawl in my lap and console me. They know when I’m up for some crazy silliness, and will run and play. One look from any of them, and I can’t help but feel their love.

  8. I have two Aussies and consider myself lucky beyond words (other than the ones Im using here) that they allow me to be a part of their lives. Everyday is a new adventure with them – sometimes a good one, sometimes not so much. The collar would be great because I have learned that with the two of them, little luck goes a long way…..

  9. I am lucky to have my dog in my life because she is my best friend!

  10. I would love to win a Lucky Dog collar for one of my furbabies! I am so blessed to have them in my life. There is never a dull day that passes with their antics. 🙂

  11. Karen Blackburn

    I have been lucky to share in the life’s of those dogs who have shared my home with me. Recently we lost our beloved Samnatha Bear who we had gotten 13 years ago on St. Patricks Day! We are going to be adding a new angel to our family and it looks like we may pick her up right around St. Pattys day! What a beautiful collar! I would love to share it with the our new addition!!!

  12. I currently am owned by 3 great dogs! Cutter, a Boykin Spaniel that this collar would be a perfect match for with his coloration. Matilda and Opal are Australian Shepherds. They are all performance dogs and compete in agility, obedience, rally obedience, and flyball. We are a busy bunch!

  13. Michael Stallings

    We have 3 dogs and we were very lucky to rescue 2 of them. One is known as our chain gang dog, other was called a screet dog(street dog), and the apb pup is learning to be a blues singer. They get lots of love and home made treats from there human mom.

  14. Just realized I was so excited about the collar that I neglected to put the information you’re looking for: Why I’m so lucky to have my dog in our family. He is the BEST dog ever! We rescued him from “apartment living.” ha ha. But truly, his owner wanted him to have a family who was home more often and could give him more attention…and that’s definitely what he gets! He is cuddly, kind, patient, snores like an old man, is a lap dog (who doesn’t realize he’s a little too big for my lap) who is just a great presence in our home! We LOVE Cody!!

  15. We our lucky to have our dog, Sawyer, because he gives us plenty of opportunities to practice unconditional love. HA HA. He really is a wonderful dog and brings joy to our lives every day.

  16. Being a mom/owner to a precious animal like a dog is truly a blessing! There is never a day that goes by that I don’t think about my sweet dog Scout- and I must say he has to be one of the luckiest dogs on the planet! But I am the luckier one b/c he is here everyday to cheer me up and make me smile. He even gets excited when he gets new collars- and hates when I take his collar off. He looks at me funny and then smells his collar to see what I took off him- so I know he would appreciate the collar just as much as his mama!! 🙂 Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

  17. I am so lucky to have my dog in my life. I got him as a puppy from a friend at a real low time in my life. 8 years latter he still brings me such joy and laughter….however i must go he is whining because I told him I’d take him to the beach but instead I am entering a contest. He deserves the lucky collar. Best Dog ever!

  18. I think I have the best dog . My Maze GSD came from FWSPCA. He was on the Euthanize list. Him and his son, not the shelters fault nor the pups. They were a little hard to handle. I pulled both out adopted one and kept Maze “Dad” Who knew the were german commanded dogs. Maze has become a great Therapy dog for my daughter who has Asperger;s syndrome.Since Maze, Casey has become more social, we go to many fundraisers and dog shows, And we all go on family walks with the other dogs, Casey would never have left the house/computer. And he also helps train all the other fosters we get.Training them for Special needs family s. We are a nonprofit pet rescue. with 501c3 tax id. So we get many animals .Weather it is birds, felines , reptiles or other k9s. he welcomes them all. I feel we both are lucky. We have him and he has our family. He is the best!

  19. Ellen McCarthy

    I’m not only lucky to have a dog in my life, I’m lucky to have two! They are the most faithful and loyal companions ever. They never leave my side!

  20. I have two amazing dogs, both of which are rescues. Oliver brings so much love and happiness- I affectionately refer to him as my little prince charming! Jack is my little clown- he’s always so happy and his eyes just show how much he adores me! They just have a magical way of making me smile no matter what and they love me unconditionally… and I, of course love them too!!! (Oh and… Oliver is an IRISH Setter mix so winning the St. Patty’s Day Collar would be a PERFECT fit!!!)

  21. I am lucky to have Otis in my life because 4 years ago , I lost my best friend Roscoe to canine renal failure. I saw the picture of an adorable Jack Russell on the website of a Jack Russell breeder in Aiken. ON the way back from a trip to the MCG , stopped by and she put the very dog I saw in my arms. Otis is as loveable as Roscoe was irascable. And it also gave me a chance to honor Otis Murphy, who worked for my family for 50 years and was my constant companion as a child..

  22. I am lucky to have my babies in my life, Pebbles our French Bulldog, Cletus our English bully and our newest baby 8 week old Max our Mi-Ki! When our last bully passed away early due to brain tumors we waited 6 months and got Pebbles. Then we got Cletus about one year later. The first week we had him he ate his food so fast that he choked turned blue and almost died:( Thank goodness my husband acted fast got the lemon juice and rescued him! We love our puppies! I wish we had another house we could just keep adopting dogs and loving them all:) My babies are my life but not in a crazy wacky way in a lovey dovey my babies need lots of love and attention way:) and Cletus would look great in green! Happy St Patty’s Day!

  23. Carolyn Hoover

    Miss Elizabeth, or Lizzy as we call her, has been such a blessing in our lives. As a Golden Retriever stuck as a producing “bitch” in a puppy mill for the first several years of her life (without producing, I might add), she joined our family as a quite shy and unsocialized dog and has blossomed into a most loving and happy sweet girl! I think we’re both so lucky to have found one another that she deserves “the luck of the Irish” collar!
    Carolyn Hoover

  24. I am lucky because my dogs got me through some really horrible times.I had to go through some medical treatments that put my life in turmoil. My dog Tucker stayed by my side on the bad days..right next to me on my bed(burried under my covers actually) and on good days running around. He kept my spirits up. Matter of fact we are still there for eachother.

  25. Alexis Lovato

    I am lucky to have my dog, roxy in my life because I was never allowed to have a dog as a kid growing up, which in turn made me passionate about animals and wanting to have one very badly. Finally when I decided to become a professional veterinary technician I sought out my own four legged friend, and found the best dog in the world at the local SPCA. I went to 3 other SPCAs before I found her and knew she was the one for me immediately. I call her my first 4 legged-born.

  26. Melody K Bailey

    I am lucky to be blesses with 5 wonderful labs. from 4-15. My 4 yr old Wally Gator Bait was diagnosed with HOD as a puppy. Gator has traveled to Habitat for Humanity ReStore almost every day of his life since our wonderful veteranarians are right down the street. He loves to hear the words “let’s go to work”, but he also love his watergardens. A “no-stink” collar would be a true blessing for Gator the Habitat mascot:)

  27. I’m the proud parent of Dulcie, the Boston Terrier. I actually have two Bostons- Max is our other- but I’m writing in special appreciation to Dulcie this time. You see, we had Max and Betsy (yes, another Boston) for 9 years- our only ‘children.’ This past Halloween, our beloved Betsy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My husband and I, and especially Max, were devastated. When she was in the hospital getting treatments, he would shut down. Stopped eating, going for walks, even getting out of bed. We knew immediately that he wouldn’t survive as our ‘only.’ So our search began for a new addition to our family and quick- while Betsy was still with us to help us, Max especially, accept and grow to love her. After days and days of searching, I stumbled onto a Boston breeder site with a litter of pups for sale. Well, they had given nicknames to each pup to help with communication with potential parents. One pup in particular caught our eye, so we sent an inquiry just to see…The breeder responded within an hour that this pup was indeed still available- that that they’d been calling her ‘Betsy.’ I melted into a puddle of tears and knew that she was for us. Three days later, our newest family member arrived, Dulcie. Our Betsy loved her immediately and assumed the ‘mama’ role. It took the rest of us a little time- we were still grieving for our ‘daughter’ and ‘sister’ that we were going to be without in the near future. Luckily, Betsy’s treatments gave us 3 more months with her and in that time, not only did we relish our time with her, but we fell in love with Dulcie. It’s been a month now and I certainly can’t say it hasn’t been difficult- a nightmare at times- but we are surviving. Most importantly, Max is surviving…and happy. He not only accepts Dulcie, but he loves her. They play together, sleep together, explore the yard together…She has saved his life. For that, we will be forever grateful.

  28. Lauren Whiteside

    I’m so lucky to have my Border Collie, Rainer, in my life! Rainer will be 2 y/o this June! There is never a dull moment when she is around! She is obsessed with playing fetch, LOVES to watch sports on TV, & she can always make put a smile on my face! 🙂

  29. Hi! I am a fan of Dolittle’s and was already a fan of LCD! 🙂 I am sooooo lucky to have 2 awesome labs in my life! Maggie was adopted in 2002 and we got Jack in 2008. They are both so sweet and loving! Also, I actually did kiss the blarney stone in 207 😉

  30. My dogs love me when no one else does!! Good days and bad days – they are smiling when I walk in the house. That is why I am so lucky to have Shane and Bella in my life.

  31. I am very lucky to be owned by five wonderful dogs! I am owned by two Irish setters, (Ryleigh & Sadie) two English setters (Beau & Prada) and a Weimaraner (Samantha)
    Sadie, my Irish setter, is my heart girl and she would look beautiful in the St. Paddy’s collar.
    She loves to hunt quail and go to dog shows, she is also a girlie-girl and likes to wear pretty things.
    Ryleigh would also love the collar, he is my 10 year old Irish setter. Samantha is 11 years and love to wear pink:-). Miss Prada is the 7 month English setter and she is a girlie-girl with a ton of attitude and then there is Beau, the 3 year old English setter…but LowCountry Dog Magazine readers know him, the last issue had a story about Beau heading to the Westminster Dog Show in New York, he was also on LowCountry live twice within the last 3 weeks.
    All of my four-legged kids would love the collar….and they know how to share!!
    My life is so full and happy because of my five wonderful four-legged kids!

  32. Treacy Owen Wickenhiser

    I have two beautiful yellow labs – a female – kennel name – Wineglass Trace of Trouble – “Spring” and Casper’s Mellow Yellow – Cache – they are great duck hunting dogs that would retreive until they could not retreive again….but at the same time – these two dogs are curled up in the bed beside me. They live to hunt and please but they live to love….and for this I am lucky! My kids don’t even get to sleep with me every night!

  33. Kelly hackett

    I am lucky to have Rylee. She’s not always the best behaved dog in the world… Just look at the good dogs gone bad post from today and you can see that! But I love her and she loves me! Rylee wasn’t my first black and tan coonhound either. I bought Madison the year before and had her only a month before she suddenly died at just shy of 4 months of age. I was devastated. The vets had no clue even after having a neurcropsy what could have causes this. Her heart and lungs were both clear and good. After I lost Madison I wanted another black and tan. I searched for breeders and let me tell you they are non existant in sc as far as I’m conserned. The closest one I could find was in Alabama and the pups were expensive! Well bred! But more than I could afford. I went to the grand American in January of 2009 again as I had before in 2008. I had bought Madison from a breeder here and while I was terrified to have another pup die so suddenly I was desperate to have another coonie! I searched every black and tan litter and there wasn’t many! Maybe 5 out of about 100/200 breeders! Then right before we were leaving in a place I know I walked by before I saw her. She was in a kennel with her brother and I knew she was the one. I beged my fiancé to let me buy her and reluctanly he did. She has made me crazy, happy, aggrivated and most of all lucky! I love her more every day! I tell my fiancé I love him more than anything in the world but she knows it’s not entirely true! She is an awesome dog and while madson will NEVER be forgotten Rylee still has a huge part of my heart! Rylee may be lucky to have me but i know I am lucky to have her!

  34. I am SO lucky to have my Golden Retriever, Max. He loves me unconditionally, which these days is very hard to find in any human. He’s my best friend and my cuddle buddy on these COLD winter nights. I’m a winner just cause I have my MAX!

  35. I am lucky to have my dog Tucker because on my most stressed days..I can come home and he is so happy to see me and wants my immediate attention. If I didnt have him I would probably immediately focus on the jobs I have to do at home but instead I take time out to given him my undivided attention..before I know stress is gone.

  36. We have a new fella in our house … his name is Moose! He’s adjusting very slowly as he’s a shy guy but we’re hoping with the nice weather around the corner we can get him out and about to meet and greet the neighborhood.

  37. My dogs and i are a wonderful mix but my last rescue, savanah, was my rescue. She reminded me that love is givin never taken, that a smile a lick and you are truely blessed.

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