Help Tex, Bear & Scrappy Get Better!

Animal Rescue and Relief took in a group of neglected dogs from Edisto Island. Tex, Scrappy and Bear were left abandoned in a rental house when the renter moved out.  They have mange, one is starving, they all need to be neutered and vaccinated and they are heartworm positive. The renter has been found and charged. A court date has been scheduled. Here are some photos that show their condition.




ARR is looking for donations to help with all of their medical expenses. We did a great job of raising all the money needed for Tilly’s care and now it’s time to help Tex, Scrappy, and Bear. Donations can be made securely through their ChipIn accounts. Funds are directly deposited into the Animal Rescue and Relief Fund set up for each individual dog. Just click the ChipIn graphics below.

Also, here is a video of Tex. Still wagging his tail despite his condition!

ARR is also looking for foster homes for Scrappy and Bear. If anyone is interested, please contact Animal Rescue and Relief at with the dog’s name as the subject.


6 responses to “Help Tex, Bear & Scrappy Get Better!

  1. i just donated… this made me sick to my stomach, why are people so disgusting.

  2. did my donation go through? i dont see it reflected above

    • lowcountrydog

      Yep it went through. ChipIn Wigets don’t work on wordpress, so the graphics are just images. If you click on the the image it will take you to the actual donation page where you can see your donation is reflected.Thanks!

  3. Made contribution to Tex. Poor fella. Hope everyone survives and thrives in new and loving homes.

  4. It will be reflected on the actual chip-in page. The above are just pictures used as links. Thanks for your donation!

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