Doggy Dining at Dolittle’s

Bring your best friend to Dolittle’s for something a little different. Dolittle’s is launching a new food for the store. A food so pure you can enjoy it too. Dr Janice Elenbaas, founder of Lucky Dog Cuisine, will be in Dolittle’s Charleston store (22F Windermere Blvd) to share her creations with you and your pet on Friday, March 19th from 10am-4pm.

Each of Lucky Dog’s five recipes is specially designed as a whole meal for your dog. All of the meats are USDA prime meats. Cheeses and yogurt provide calcium. Vegetables are cooked in pure, filtered water, and pureed for easy digestion. Lucky Dog uses extra virgin olive oil to ensure no chemical processing. All of the ingredients are sourced from within the United States. There are no additives or preservatives, by-products or meat meals in any of the food. Lucky Dog recipes have been tested by the South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture and by independent labs for quality and nutrition. “Our food is so good, you can eat it too!” says Dr Elenbaas. So come hungry and ready to sample.

America is experiencing a foodie revolution, and the pet food industry is no exception. The natural foods section of the pet food trade has grown by 24.6% from 2003 to 2007, and Dolittle’s certainly recognizes the trend. A proud retailer in the Charleston-area, owner Ric Sommons seeks to provide the best quality products on the market for your companion animal.

Dolittle’s is pleased to add Lucky Dog Cuisine to their selection of all natural foods. “Lucky Dog is unlike any commercial dog food I have ever seen.” says owner Ric Sommons “I love that they come in ready to serve portions and look, smell and taste like home cooking. They are just right on spices, salt and sugar.”

Lucky Dog Cuisine is based in Bluffton, South Carolina. They are a member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association.


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