Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Pursey

Pursey is a five-year-old Maltese that was named for when I used to sell purses. One of the best memories I have of Pursey was how we got him. I was on my way to pick up another dog from a different breeder but found out he had been sold. I called another breeder and picked up Pursey the next day. I still remember him hopping around my yard like a bunny when I got him home. We were meant to be together.

Pursey loves to play with his shih tzu girlfriend, Molly. He loves to play fetch with his stuffed animals, learns tricks extremely fast, and he loves to give kisses! Pursey is silly and sweet. He can be the life of the party or just relax on the couch with his “daddy” watching football.

Pursey makes even the toughest days easier to swallow. There is nothing more perfect than coming home to him being so excited to see me. He always does his “Pursey Dance.”

submitted by Sarah & Jerry Hurst

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One response to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Pursey

  1. Pursey is a dollbaby! 🙂

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