Charleston Dog Show SCBT Dog Patron of the Year Award

Photo via teambigdoglittledog

It’s that time of year again! The Charleston Dog Show is looking for your nominations for the South Carolina Bank & Trust Dog Patron of the Year Award. Below you will find an outline of the award and the nomination form.  Collaborations are encouraged, as are multiple letters of support.  Please note the deadline of Friday, April 2nd.


A resident residing in the Charleston Tri-County community; (they should not have previously received this award or currently serve on the Co-Chair Committee for The Charleston Dog Show).

Award Criteria:

Determination of the award will be based on an outstanding or exceptional contribution to the canine community of the Charleston Tri-County area. Examples include an achievement, or on-going high quality of work, a creative idea or innovation, etc., expressed in some action within the applicant’s/nominee’s personal or professional life that can be shown to have an exceptional impact upon dogs.

The identified contribution(s) may have resulted in a wide range of outcomes, including, but not limited to, enhancing the quality of life for dogs, innovations in veterinary health, outstanding dedication to rescue and adoption, exceptional philanthropy to dog and animal related non-profit organizations, etc.

The overarching principle in the review process is the principle of exceptional dedication to the health, happiness and quality of life of Lowcountry dogs.


Notice will be sent to all CDS volunteers and associated organizations. Nominations will be accepted from any resident of the Charleston Tri-County area.

The Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of the current Co-Chair committee assigned each year by the Chairman of the Charleston Dog Show. From recommendations received, a member of the Selection Committee shall compile a list of all potential candidates. The committee shall convene at an appropriate time to review all completed nominations and shall select by majority vote the recipient of the award for that particular year. Each individual member of the Co-Chair (i.e. Selection) Committee shall be eligible for one vote. This business may also be conducted via email for time and organizational purposes. The announcement of the winner shall be made available to the Selection Committee prior to the Show, but otherwise, the winner will not be announced until event day of the Charleston Dog Show.

2010 Deadlines are as follows:

All nominations must be received by Friday, April 2nd 2010 (and the Committee vote shall occur no later than Friday, April 9th, 2010)

Submissions shall be sent or emailed to the following by Friday, April 2nd:

Debbie Bordeau

4824 Old Park Road

North Charleston, SC 29405


Name and contact information of Nominator:

Name and contact information of Nominee:

Based upon the criteria of the Dog Patron of the Year award (outstanding or exceptional contribution to the canine community of the Charleston Tri-County area) please give a brief history of this individual’s involvement in the Charleston Tri-County canine community.

Describe specific outcomes of the related involvement

Please attach additional letters of support for this nomination.


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