March Contest: Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway

Got a bored dog with a destructive streak? Or a stinky breath? Or jaws of death that mean a quick annihilation of every other toy you purchase for them?  Then here’s the contest for you, the Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway, compliments of Hairy Winston Pet Boutique and Grocery. I’ve heard nothing but amazing stories about this treat ball. The most tenacious of Terriers finds it challenging, the most voracious Chow chewers can’t destroy it, and the smartest of Schnauzers finds it stimulating. 

The Everlasting Treat Ball can be filled with food, or any snack your dog enjoys and then capped with one or two Everlasting Treats. Everlasting Treats can also be inserted upside down or into the center cavity of the ball for more challenging play. Dishwasher safe in the top rack for easy clean up. Completely free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates.

 Available in blue in sizes:

Large (5″ diameter) recommended for dogs over 40 pounds

Medium (3.75″ diameter) recommended for dogs under 40 pounds

Small (2.5″ diameter) recommended for dogs under 12 pounds

If your dog is a strong chewer, we recommend selecting the larger size.

Retail $15-$25 depending on size.

Check out this vide of an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog pup going to town on an Everlasting Treat Ball! So cute!


#1 Leave a comment below on this post, sharing why your dog deserves the everlasting treat ball. Did they chew up your couch? Have they destroyed every other toy in a matter of minutes? Make sure to use a valid email address when leaving a comment. It won’t be posted, but will be how we contact you if you’re the winner.

#2 For an extra entry, become a fan of LCD on Facebook HERE.   And leave a comment on the LCD wall that you became a fan for the Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway. If you are already a fan, just leave a comment on the LCD wall!

#3 For another extra entry, become a fan of Hairy Winston on Facebook HERE.  And leave a comment on the Hairy Winston wall that you became a fan for the Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway.

#4 Check back here on March 30th for the announcement of the winner.  We will tally up all the comments here on the blog and on Facebook, and the winning number will be chosen using’s random number generator.

#5 If you are the winner, head to Hairy Winston to pick up your treat ball. It’s located in the Towne Centre in Mt. Pleasant. (Sorry to all my non-Charleston area readers, but the treat ball can’t be mailed.)


23 responses to “March Contest: Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway

  1. My Labs are eating a tremendous amout of rawhide and busy bones. Keeping them occupied is becoming very expensive! I am POSTIVE that is you could see them wagging their tails and mouths drooling, they would let you know that having a everlasting treat ball would be GREAT! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…. TX. LABs

  2. Rylee was featured in the good dogs gone bad friday post on LCDs facebook. she destroyed her couch cusion is seconds…she can NOT have anything stuffed and she surely cant have anything made of soft rubber…the only thing i have ever given her to play with that she has NOT destroyed is black XL and XXL kongs…she even chewed the top off her boykin friends medium black kong! she has jaws like a pit bull! hahah…she loves to chew! this would bea great toy for her for that reason and she loves food puzzles…she jumps for joy when i grab her kongs and her “buster cube”!

  3. Rawhides… I should buy stock in them and bullysticks (which smell putrid, by the way – and let’s not even discuss what they are made from)…

    My Charley (miniature Schnauzer) has chewed up floor molding, bottom of our wood stair railing, 4 rugs (2 huge ones and 2 small ones), the entire corner of one of our window ledges, and almost every wood blind in the house… I’m only glad he’s short and can’t reach things that are higher up because I think he’d eat the entire house. Argh!

  4. Let’s see… What hasn’t Sawyer tried to chew on? Moldings in house- check, headboard- check, wood floor- check, coffee table-check… You can see where this is going! I love him, but gosh I wish our house wasn’t a chew toy!

  5. Ahh the joys of owning a German Shepherd. Rhettung chews up anything and everything, from the couch and towels, to the bushes hoses and even the wiring on the house. We give him a rawhide and bone each day along with a new to him, gently used stuffie for his destruction pleasure. This has helped some but a toy that is his to chew to his hearts content would be amazing, and helpful to my wallet! =)

  6. My two boxer pups would LOVE something new to play keep away with! Plus my big boy with jaws of steel is always looking for something to test his choppers on. They aren’t destructive, but ONLY because we keep them supplied with lots of new toys to destroy!

  7. This is Bunny, writing to tell you four reasons why I need an Everlasting Treat Ball:

    1. All my toys have been kind of boring since that day I tore a hole in my *brand new* giant, heavy-duty Kong.

    2. Even though I let her brush my teeth with poultry flavored toothpaste, Mom says I’ve got “projectile halitosis.”

    3. To this 65-lb terrier, a large package of Greenies is little more than a Scooby Snack!

    4. Winning a free Everlasting Treat Ball would make me verrrrry happy, and I’d wag my tail so hard I’d spank myself!

  8. Rottweiler, young rottweiler, need I say more?! We’re always looking for something new that can engage her and not be destroyed. We take bets on how long something will last. Please hook us up…

  9. If Scout could type he would write “Dear LCD, I am a really good doggie most of the time (minus the accidental slip up here and there)- and I think I deserve a fun toy/bone like that! If I get it- I will be sure to play with it for hours on end and also bug my mom and dad to play with me too! They always give in! 🙂 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win something!! Arf Arf!”
    Love, Scout the friendly yellow lab in Mt Pleasant

  10. My dog deserves the everlasting ball because she loves to tear up blankets and has destryoed the house more than once. She is also a rescue from a shelter

  11. Wendy Sang Kelly

    I have no excuses from my dog’s dependence on treats and chews…I created a monster. Imagine the irony of her grunting at me like a truffle-sniffing pig, and me saying, “Okay, now. That’s IT! No more treats!” as I dutifully give her another one.

  12. I think my dog Donovan (yes that’s his name) deserves this ball because he just loves a good challenge. He’s an Irish Jack Russell Terrier and has really long & thick hair! I’ve never had a dog before that enjoyed toys like he does! He just turned two and boy does he act like a two year old … so, we try to keep him occupied with toys to challenge him. He NEEDS to win this ball cause he is a true WINNER! woof woof says Little Donovan!!

  13. My dog tucker is a mini dachshund, and he tears through everything. I can’t even give him a bed because he will destroy it a matter of hours. I have to keep him in a kennel durring the day while I work because he woud end up getting hurt by ingesting somethig or getting an electric cord. I don’t keep plants because he might eat them.He could really use one of those to keep him occupied.Thanks

  14. I have a seven year old Westie (Jack) and a new Scottie puppy (Bobby). They would enjoy having this treat ball as they tear up all of their other toys!

  15. Ryan and Jennifer Fiorini

    Nala and Jessie deserve the ball (they can share one) because they are this months “cover girls.” That’s right folks, our pups made the cover of LCD. What a better way to tell them thank you as if I got them an Everlasting Treat Ball.

  16. My dogs deserve one because they are all depressed and jealous of the new cats. Sad to see the dogs go around pouting. 😦

  17. Sweet young Bastian REALLY needs this Everlasting Treat Ball. He is a 9 month old Dalmatian with a slight chewing habit. We throw out at least one toy a week, have to guard our new Cocus Palms to protect the fronds from becoming tug toys, and his doggie daycare has to remove the collars from any dog who plays with him because otherwise he will chew the plastic snap. Add in the fact that his two siblings KeelHaul & Zander (the cats) don’t ever want to play with him and always run into rooms that are off limits for him – and there couldn’t BE a needier pup!!!!

  18. My little dachshund, Frankie, would love this!

  19. I have a year old puppy named Delilah. She is very sweet and loving, but she gets very bored. When she gets bored she will start to bug whom ever just happens to be around. Delilah will come up and nudge you, and bite you, and find any other way she can to get your attention (in the most annoying way possible). We give her bones constantly; they last a few hours. We give her a deer antlers (the people at Hairy Winston said they are good for aggressive chews); they lasted a day or two. Other toys last only a few hours. Delilah is a wonderful and lively dog who defiantly deserves this toy.

  20. I think that my pups deserve this wonder treat toy because every dog deserves to be spoiled!!! 🙂 After a 2 mile run everyday our pups still get very bored and always want to play… Millie deserves it 🙂

  21. I adopted Chester, a 95 lb., 8 year old lab when my daughter and her husband broke up. Chester is oh so lovable. He sleeps with me every night and he watches TV with me and he sits by me when I read. BUT, Chester turns over the garbage, steals food off the counter (he can lick a frying pan clean without moving it from the stove). He takes the cats’ bowl from the counter and throws it around so the cat food covers the kitchen floor. He does the same with his and the other dogs’ bowls. I have had to put chains on the fence so he cannot open the gates and escape (he has had a tendency to wander since my daughter got him). There are stories about where he ended up while he was living in Virginia Beach. He has never had a toy that he has not destroyed, including the advertised non-destructibles!! I definitely deserve a toy to occupy Chester’s attention.

  22. My kids legs are Higgins’ chew toys. We need to find something else he’d rather chew. He’s a bullpup who’s also teething!

  23. My two Boston Terriers love to go out and about with me and shop or play. At the begining, middle or the end of the day, they love to lay in the yard and chew on anything available. LOL. You get the picture.

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