Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Nikki Bakshi

Nikki is a FinnishSpitz. I adopted her five years ago from the John Ancrum SPCA-now the Charleston Animal Society. I am not sure about Nikki’s story before she came into my life. She was just three months old when I adopted her, but I know that her life was not great.  I still remember her eating food as if she feared that was her last meal the first few weeks, and always being nervous especially crowds of people, loud trucks, etc. These days, Nikki enjoys a grand meal.

We left Charleston a couple of years ago for a new life in the nation’s capital. She has made many friends here though she misses her dog park buddies from home. She’s an amazing dog who offers so much love to those she meets. And, when she meets someone new and she really likes them, she brings a toy shaped like a heart. She’s a bundle of joy who every a.m. wakes up and is sure to say good morning. She is amazing and beautiful and I really can’t wonder my life without her.

submitted by Sherri Bakshi

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One response to “Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Nikki Bakshi

  1. She looks so sweet!

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