Everlasting Treat Ball Giveaway WINNER!

Congrats to Nat, lucky number 30. He’s the winner of the Everlasting Treat Ball. And from his comments, it seems his dogs will really enjoy the toy: “ Give it to me!  I’m serious. I have bulldogs, and the only thing that lasts more than 30 seconds is a rib eye bone, but they only last 45 sec. My dogs would be the true test to its indestructibleness. Squirrel and Weezy want it. Give it to them”. Well Squirrel and Weezy got their wish. I hope Nat will send us some photos or video of the dogs gnawing on the toy so we can share it with all of you!






Nat commented here on the blog, and on the LCD and Hairy Winston Facebook pages. Make sure to boost your odds of winning our next contest by commenting in all three places (here, the LCD blog and the business offering the giveaway)! And speaking of our new contest — it’s a DOOZY! The contest will be announced here tomorrow; so come on back on hump day and see what your dogs can win. Trust us. You’ll really want to enter this next one.


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