April Contest: SIX! Months of Natural Balance Dog Food

What an amazing contest folks. Simply comment below to be entered in our April Giveaway, 6 months of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Food from Lucia’s Premium Pet. It doesn’t get any better!

Some dogs and even puppies may be highly sensitive to commonly used proteins, carbohydrates and food additives in their diet. Allergic reactions can lead to irritable bowel, upset stomach, and a number of skin problems. Natural Balance® has created an entire line of Allergy Formulas for dogs with these food allergies. Each Formula has been created specifically for the needs of sensitive pets.

 The fortnate winner will receive one 15# bag of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets (Venison, Bison, Duck or Fish) per month for 6 months. * In-Store pick up only. Lucia’s is on Daniel Island in the Publix Shopping Center.

Check out this amazing testimonial from a dog owner:


I am a member of an online group called K9-EPIGLOBAL. We are owners of dogs who suffer from a rare condition called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). This condition renders our dogs incapable of naturally producing the digestive enzymes necessary to break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins so we must supplement their diet with theses enzymes as well as feed them kibble that is  low in fat and fiber. By the time the condition is diagnosed, many of the dogs have lost up to 30% of their body mass.

 The purpose of the online group is to provide help and guidance for those trying to get their recently diagnosed dogs back to a healthy  state. There are around 1200 members in our group and many of us have had remarkable success with Natural Balance® Potato and  Duck Formula in particular due to its low fat and fiber content.

 As you can see in the before and after photo.. the results in a short period of time have been staggering!! She has gained almost 30 lbs  in only a few months and is now back to her original weight!

 Thank you for helping me get my own dog back to a healthy state.  All the best, Marty Smets


#1 Leave a comment below on this post, sharing why your dog deserves to win the 6 months of free dog food! Make sure to use a valid email address when leaving a comment. It won’t be posted, but will be how we contact you if you’re the winner.

#2 For an extra entry, become a fan of LCD on Facebook HERE.   And leave a comment on the LCD wall that you became a fan for the Natural Balance Dog Food Giveaway.  If you are already a fan, just leave a comment on the LCD wall!

#3 For another extra entry, become a fan of Lucia’s Premium Pet on Facebook HERE.  And leave a comment on the Lucia’s wall that you became a fan for the Natural Balance Dog Food Giveaway.

#4 Check back here on April 15th for the announcement of the winner.  We will tally up all the comments here on the blog and on Facebook, and the winning number will be chosen using random.org’s random number generator.

#5 If you are the winner, head to Lucia’s on Daniel Island to pick up your first bag of food. It’s located in the Publix Shopping Center on Daniel Island.

19 responses to “April Contest: SIX! Months of Natural Balance Dog Food

  1. I have 3 dogs which all eat very expensive hypo allergenic dogfood and I also make their wet food from home so they don’t have to fight food allergies along with everyting else! I have 2 bulldogs an English and Frechie and 1 Mi-Ki! They all share each other’s food and they are such sweeties however variety is something they never get because of their allergies. If I could try a new food without the expense and give my babies and tastey dining experience that would be awesome for my 3 little dollfaces:)

  2. Craig deserves this! When we first got Craig, we weren’t sure what kind of food we would end up feeding him. I tried a couple of “store” brands…all of which he refused to eat. Then I tried some samples of Natural Balance that we got at PetFest. He loved it and we have been hooked ever since, becoming die hard Natural Balance fans! He has had every flavor available.
    He even loves the Natural Balance log rolls that I cut up for him and use as treats. It’s probably safe to say that Craig has kept Natural Balance in business over the past year.
    Natural Balance gives him the strength to perform a variety of tasks that include picking up his toys, giving dog park video tours, and helping to run the family business!

  3. my Daisy Doodle deserves the free food. I found her when she was 3 weeks old in the middle of the road we thing from a wild dog pack. She is a wonderful girl, and she would share the food with her brothers, Dillon a Bouvier Des Flanders that eats ALOT and Bubba a 14 year old yellow lab.

  4. I live in a zoo of two dogs and four cats, all of whom are rescued. I love my little zoo and can’t imagine life any other way. But with so many mouths to feed, it’s getting quite expensive. I try to feed all of them the best quality food that I can afford but have had to recently downgrade their food. My pups would certainly love a diet of Natural Balance!!!

  5. Wendy Jane Robbins

    Natural Balance food giveaway – Marty really, really hopes he will win win win! Our iggy is super sensitive so he really thrives on a fish-based diet and loves the sweet potato!

  6. Ricochet wants to win so she can donate the food to an animal shelter, and help others in need.

  7. My beautiful young Dalmatian Bastian has recently shown the warning signs for being a stone former at the tender age of 9 months old. The vet recommended putting him on a prescription diet (modified from the typical one because of his age), which is of course very expensive. I did a lot of online research and spent some time talking with a reputable breeder (my boy came from rescue – he’s deaf as well!), and found that a natural diet with limited ingredients that avoids high purine proteins is just as, if not more, effective than the prescription food. Six months of Natural Balance would do us both a WORLD of good!

  8. My dog Maggie would love to win 6 months of Natural Balance food. She has terrible food allergies, which make her itchy and the hair fall off of her tail. On a diet of limited ingredients she feels much better and lives a happier life!

  9. Kelly hackett

    Rylee would love to try this new food!! Maggie would love it too!

  10. My dog Maze. the rescued black German Shepherd eats Natural Balance. He had really bad skin issues . And Natural Balance is the only one he can eat. The rescue get food donations but he is mine. so i do chores to help pay for his food. even though mom said i don’t. I feel he is my responsibility to make sure he gets the best for him.
    my name is Casey Murray and I am 15 and i have asperger’s syndrome. and i have to eat organic too.

  11. Charles Reimer

    My dog would appreciate this Natural Balance food. He has had a sample or two of it and he seemed to really like it, though he isn’t too picky.

  12. Winning a supply of dog food would be great because I have 6 dogs, with 4 of them being rescues. I am also a groomer and know how important a quality food is for a healthy dog.

  13. My little poodle would love to try Natural Balance. We are always looking for ways to improve her health and Natural Balance sounds like just the thing. We want to keep her around as long as possible and if Natural Balance helps with that, I am all for it!

  14. As the Director and current foster home for Scarlet Justice, it would be a tremendous opportunity to win this food for her! Justice came from a fight bust in York, SC at the end of February 2010 and she’s slowly putting on the weight she needs to look healthy. Her coat is still filling in, but being a black dog, she’s still very patchy and it doesn’t quite have the luster it should yet. I truly believe that the Natural Balance food here will help her tremendously improve her appearances. She still has a long way to go yet to be available for adoption as she was one of the dogs that truly received the short end of the stick in regards to care and concern for her well-being. Anything that can help her along would be fantastic!

  15. Sawyer already has a food that is good for him and he enjoys, but he’d love to help out some rescue dogs!

  16. Kayla Anderson

    My beagle Red, constantly has dry skin from allergies which causes him to lick his paws and back. My sweet baby is pitful every spring! I think this food would be great for him!

  17. I am a fan of Natural Blance Dog Food…Bella is allergic to everything..this would help, I am sure it is food allergies as the testing proves it! The flaky dry skin and lackluster coat shows it every spring/summer

  18. Cookie, my shih tzu, has skin allergies. I have tried every brand except Natural Balance. I have just about given up. She doesn’t like fish. Beef really makes her break out. So maybe this will be the answer.

  19. Emma already enjoys Natural Balance, and I love that she doesn’t have dry itchy spots anymore!! It looks like she will be requiring an expensive surgery to correct a dislocating knee soon, so all the money I could save on dog food would be great!

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