Meet a Lowcountry Dog: Jack & Oliver

Oliver Tillman is a 3 year old Irish setter mix and Jack Tyler is a 5 year old cocker spaniel.

I got Oliver through a college friend. He was given to me the last day of classes my senior year and he actually sat through my final college class with me! (My professor wasn’t so thrilled but he was only 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable so she couldn’t resist!!)

We rescued Jack because his previous owners couldn’t care for him anymore. The best memory with Jack, though is watching him scale the fence like Superman… he’s hilarious!!!  Literally- he will jump a 4ft fence go run for a bit and then come home when we call him… it’s so funny!

Both boys love to bark and chase birds, they love going for walks at Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park and they especially love running free at my mom’s house out in the country! Oliver always wants to be at the center of attention and Jack loves snacks and snugglin’. Oliver is really a good dog until he gets in public… then he gets a little anxious and protective… he’s a good guard dog!  Jack is always happy-go-lucky and is super sweet!

Oliver was a gift in every way… my other dog that I had had for 16 years passed away 2 years prior to me getting Oliver and I was graduating college so it was really just a blessing to get him… such perfect timing! Jack has made me realize how important we, as humans, are to pets… he hadn’t been taken care of prior to us getting him and his personality from when we first got him to now has completely changed… he’s so much happier and relaxed with us.

submitted by Kelly Coley

Would you like your dog featured in an upcoming Meet a Lowcountry Dog spotlight? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up of what makes your dog so special OR fill out the Meet a LCD Questionnaire posted on the blog.  Email the info to using the subject line: Meet a Lowcountry Dog

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