About LCD

Lowcountry Dog’s mission is to be the number one local resource for dog owners regarding regional events, health and wellness information, trends, style and lifestyle choices. We also strive to be a mouthpiece to the public for various dog related non-profits and promote pet adoption and other responsible pet care practices.

Dog lovers can pick up the bi-monthly magazine for free at most area veterinarians and pet stores throughout the lowcountry, as well as numerous restaurants, coffee bars and retailers. A full distribution list is posted to the magazine’s web site, lowcountrydog.com. Subscriptions are also available. Please call 843-478-0266 for more information.

What will you find here at on the LCD Blog? Here’s a brief run down.

Meet a Lowcountry Dog Series: We feature one local dog every week in a feature called Meet a Lowcountry Dog. To participate, just send us a brief write up of what  makes your dog so special (500 words or less) along with some photos. All material should be emailed to leah@lowcountrydog.com. Once we get your material, we’ll let you know what week we’ll feature your dog.

The 411 on Canine Friendly Events: LCD is THE place for information regarding all canine friendly events here in the Lowcountry of SC.  We’ll do the hard work of rounding up all the event information from the area rescues and shelters, pet stores, kennels, groomers, the AKC etc. You get the easy part of clicking to us for the official word —  all in one spot.  

Event Recaps: Do you ever attend a charitable event and then wonder about the outcome? How many dogs were adopted? How much was raised?  Where can I see photos? The LCD blog will be your source for all that and much more. We’ll have eyes and ears on the ground at every event reporting back on all the fun.

Adoptions:  If you are part of a rescue or shelter group, or if you are looking for a dog to adopt, you’ll want to plug-in to the LCD blog. We’ll feature adoptable dogs and link to the rescue/shelter website  and their adoption forms. Think of it as a more local version of petfinder.com and with much more extensive information about each dog.

Health and Wellness and Training Series:  On our list of blogging contributors are some of the area’s best veterinarians and trainers. Expect to see expert advice from them every week!

Special Features and Photography:  Peruse beautiful photography and read articles about living your best life with your dog. Learn about local therapy dog programs and how you can get involved, get tips on hiking with your dog, check out the latest trends in canine clothing and collars, decide how to best fit your dog into your will, how to choose pet insurance, where the best dog parks are, where you can dine with your dog…, it just goes on and on! And if we haven’t thought of it, we’ll take your suggestions for topics!

Product Round-ups: Looking for a pet bowl, a long-lasting pet bed, a cool collar, an all natural grooming product?  Just check out our product round-ups for the best of the net and your local stores.

Pet Business Profiles: Need a good groomer? Where’s the nearest locally owned pet store? Is there a luxury kennel nearby? Read our Meet a Local Pet Business Profiles and learn about the people in your area ready to meet your needs as a dog owner.

Discounts and Deals: If a groomer is offering 50% off, if a kennel is offering a free day with every three day stay, if a pet store has 20% off food, you’ll hear about it here first. Everyone likes to save money.

Pet Projects: Learn how to crochet a collar, make stationary featuring your dog, take awesome photographs of your furry friends, or make home made treats. This column will bring out the inner DIY in every dog owner.

So,what do you think?? We’d love to hear your opinion. Email us at leah@lowcountrydog.com,or leave a comment below.



The entire contents of this blog are copyrighted by Lowcountry Dog Magazine with all rights reserved. Reproduction of any material from this issue is expressly forbidden without permission of the publisher.

Lowcountry Dog Magazine does not endorse or guarantee any product, service, or vendor mentioned or pictured on this blog in editorial or advertising space. Views expressed by authors or advertisers are not necessarily those of the publisher.


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